My Lolita wardrobe video!

Forgot to post it to my LJ, but here is my wardrobe :)
Since filming I sold some of the sweet lolita dresses and purchased a black chiffon Innocent World dress and am looking at a few more of a similar style because I felt I would get more use out of classic/gothic looking dresses compared to sweet ones.

Anyway, enjoy!

New print available! Notre Dame for preorder. Giveaway on my tumblr!

I'm announcing the opening of the pre-order for a run of my Notre Dame original print dresses and skirts. In addition to Notre Dame and bells, the print also features golden pigeons and gargoyles! The new fabric will be printed on Spoonflower's Organic Cotton Sateen and fully lined, made to your size. The hem and bodice are edged with soft gold lace.

Please note that the sample photo uses a slightly different fabric than will be ordered for this. They will be made from the new batch of fabric with a slightly bigger and thicker-lined print.

To celebrate the opening of my storenvy, Toxicity, where all my previous print designs are available, I've decided to give away this dress  on my tumblr!
Bust = 34" - 41"
Waist = 26" - 38"
Skirt length = 21" + 1" lace
Click here for information on how to enter.

Worn photos:

Some closeups:

The print will be available in black/gold, black/white, and red/gold:


See my post on the sales comm!

The jsk is priced at $190 total  or can be reserved for $60 upfront and $130 upon completion. Contact for more information.

I have enough fabric left over from this fabric purchase to make a jsk at a reduced price ($180)! Click here for more information.

You can also reserve a skirt version for $100 total! (Or $40 upfront and $60 upon completion)

Please provide your measurements either at time of purchase or once you receive notification of the fabric's arrival. Also please allow 2-3 weeks for fabric printing and 1-2 weeks for dress construction.

Selling some Skeletrain fabric

Hello! Long time no see...
So I have some extra Skeletrain fabric in charcoal! There's been some interest in it so I figured I'd sell some of it!

I think after shipping from FoD to me, the fabric comes out to about $25 a yard.

It's reaaaally wide. Like 62 inches wide. The skirt part of the print is 21.5 inches long, which is printed on both edges of the fabric. The rest of the fabric is 'bonenetting' which is perfect for waistbands/bodices/waistties.

Example of the fabric:

How much fabric do you need?
(waist measurement in inches X (2.5 for medium poof, 3 for cupcake) ) / 2
(25" x 3) / 2 = 37.5" or about a yard.

I have 1 yard piece that FoD sent to me that has a small green/grey discoloration in the print, but it's only for about 3 inches. So this 1 yard piece would be great for a non-cupcake skirt :D

The rest, I will just cut from the 5+ yard piece :3 If there's enough interest I can probably rework the file to fit a different dimension of fabric and sell it through Spoonflower or something.

$25 per yard + ppfees + shipping. I can cut it into 1/4 yards or whatever size you want.

1.5 yards- carnivien
1 yard- kikunosuke